Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are everything to us!

What to Expect on Your Moab Helicopter Tour

When you arrive for your Moab Helicopter Tour, you will find plenty of parking. Pulling a trailer or driving an RV? No problem. Our parking lot can easily accommodate just about any sized vehicle.

Once you arrive, you will make your way into our office and private waiting area. Our offices are always clean and climate-controlled. Your comfort is always a priority for us.

Absolutely! We can customize the experiences per your request. This includes honeymoons, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, Jeep Safari, custom camping, hiking, biking, etc.

Once inside the hangar, you will have some time to snap photos of you with the helicopter (most people do) and then we will conduct a safety brief where we show you around the helicopter and provide you exact details on everything that is going to go on, how to operate seat belts and door latches, etc.

Every helicopter tour Moab begins with a safety brief (the FAA Requires it). We will have your helicopter waiting for you (not running) where we will go over everything you need to know about the machine and the process to have a safe and enjoyable helicopter ride.

Please Note – for your safety and comfort we do not “hotload” helicopters. Meaning, we do not load or unload people on our helicopters while they are running. We only start up the machine after everyone is loaded and checked to make sure they are secure. We also do not get out of the helicopter until the rotors have stopped spinning.
After the safety brief is complete, we will get everyone into the helicopter, make sure everyone is seated and secured properly, and then we will prepare, and take off for your tour.

All of our helicopters are climate controlled so you will enjoy your tour in a comfortable air-conditioned cabin.
Our pilots are enthusiastic about Moab and will point out all pertinent spots, locations, and things you might want to take photos of on your Helicopter Tour.

There are plenty of opportunities for taking photos while in the air. For some tips on taking better photos from a Helicopter, please visit our Blog post on How to Take Photos from A Helicopter —- hyperlink:

Once we return to the heliport, we will land, shut the helicopter down, wait for the blades to stop spinning and then assist you exiting the aircraft.
Afterward, enjoy photos of yourself, your family, and the aircraft. This is your time to get those shots for Instagram or your vacation blog, don’t forget to hashtag #moabhelix.
Once you have taken all of the photos you wish to take, you may come back inside and relax, check out our merchandise, and maybe book another tour or a private charter!

Your comfort, safety, and enjoyment are paramount to us. Nothing is more important. We keep our facilities spotlessly clean (including the bathrooms) for you, and do all that we can so you will enjoy your time with us. Please feel free to ask questions. We want you to feel knowledgeable, comfortable, and secure. Never hesitate to ask us anything. Our friendly staff will always do their best to answer any questions you have about the facility, the equipment, or the tour itself.

Ready for a helicopter tour or an expedition?