What can you see on a Helicopter tour in Moab?

The better question might be, what can’t you see on a Moab Helicopter Tour. Within just a few minutes by air, you can reach the Colorado River, Castleton Tower, Arches, Fishers Tower, Porcupine Rim, the LeSalle Mountains, and that is just the beginning.

There is so much to see from the air. You can watch off-road vehicles on the slick rock areas of Moab. You can see incredible red rock towers, arches, and many types of volcanic rock formations. It is one thing to see the panoramic views from your car or on foot, but it is another thing entirely to see it from the air.

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There is nothing like seeing endless miles of landscape that were mostly created (and preserved) from the Jurassic Age of the earth.

You Can See More From The Air

When you really want to “get the lay of the land” – you climb to the highest point in the area. With a Moab Helicopter Tour, you can climb higher than any peak. Plus, so much of what is available to see near Moab is in extremely remote areas that can only be accessed on foot, horseback, or by mountain bike. And, because of the time it takes, and energy, there is only so much you can see. A helicopter tour in Moab gives you the advantage of speed over land. You can see a dozen amazing sites and take photos, where you might only be able to visit one amazing place on foot, on horseback, or on a mountain bike.

We are Open for the 2022 Moab Helicopter Tour Season

Moab Heli-X is open for the 2022 season. Right now the weather is perfect in Moab.

Also, if you know you would like to go somewhere, we do offer private helicopter charters to many places. Talk to us about where you’d like to go, and let’s plan your next amazing adventure!