Michael Ortiz is a co-founder and commercial helicopter pilot. His passion for flying helicopters began in the 1990s when he represented Bell Helicopter as a countertrade consultant in Latin America. Michael has 1,000+ hours of helicopter flight time, most of it consisting of backcountry flying in SE Utah and Western Colorado.

He traded a boat for a new Robinson R66 Turbine and never looked back. Michael has 1000+ hours of helicopter flight time, most of it being in turbine-powered helicopters, mountain flying in Colorado, and extensively in the desert backcountry in SE Utah.


William has been in the industry for over 35 years. Currently owns Lakeshore Helicopter, LLC and partnered in Lakeshore Charters, LLC.

Hold: Commercial Pilot Certificate with Airplane: SEL, SES, and Multi Engine; Rotorcraft: Helicopter; also hold Flight Instructor for Helicopter and Night Vision Google.
Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Certificate with Inspection Authorization.
Flight Time: 17,000+ hrs total time with 15,000+ in Helicopter, 10,000+ as Flight Instructor
Experience: Flight Instruction, News, Aerial Application, Search and Rescue, Police Tactical, Aerial Photography, External Load (cargo and short haul), Pipeline and Powerline Patrol and Charter.
Work: Four Star Aviation in East Troy, WI from 1987-1992. WW Helicopters in East Troy, WI from 1992-2005; Midwestern Helicopter in Kenosha, WI from 2005- July 2008. I started Lakeshore Helicopter, LLC at Kenosha Regional Airport in July of 2008.


Doug has been flying fixed wing aircraft since 1979. Working for a number of operations until hired by United Airlines in 1987. He is currently a Boeing 787 Captain.

In 2002 he started flying helicopters. After getting his commercial certificate he worked with Midwestern Helicopter until Bill Coolbaugh and Doug split off to form Lakeshore Helicopter in 2008.
Once Lakeshore Helicopter was set up, they partnered together to form Lakeshore Charters getting our On-Demand Charter certificate in 2010.
He is currently the Director of Operations with Lakeshore Charters.
Doug has flown the Robinson R22, R44 and R66 with Lakeshore, and the OH 58 and UH1 with Air One of Illinois. Doug has over 27,000 hours of flight time.

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