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The Ultimate Moab Helicopter Tour

Moab Heli X offers the best helicopter tours in the Moab Area. See the arches, canyons, Colarado River and more. Book now for an unforgettable adventure.

Jeep Arch
Poison Spider
20 Minutes

If you are short on time this is the helicopter tour for you! Quick and loaded with amazing Features! Determination Towers, Monitor and Merrimac,…


Island in the Sky
30 Minutes

On this Helicopter tour We head south passing Gemini Bridges, Gold Bar, Thelma & Louise Point, Kane Creek, and the infamous Chicken Corner. We…


Moab Daily
30 Minutes

This section of the Colorado River is known for its beautiful one-day paddling trips. Try it as a helicopter tour, and it’s a whole different story!…


Green River Plus
30 Minutes

It’s amazing what you can see in 30 minutes! See Ten Mile Canyon and connect with the beautiful Green River where we will fly the Bowknot gap. The…


Cisco Ice Cream Run!
30 Minutes

What's better than a helicopter tour from Moab to Cisco for a cold treat at the Buzzards Belly General Store. Ice Cream included!


La Sal Loop
45 Minutes

We view them from town as the crown jewels of the Moab area, why not get up close and personal on this helicopter tour? View Ken’s Lake and Pack…


San Rafael Reef
1 Hour

The “Reef” is an amazing geological formation that is 20 minutes by helicopter from Moab and hours by car. This is where one gets the sense of the…


1 Hour

This section of the Colorado River is just plain spectacular. It’s home to some of North America's most infamous rapids. This helicopter ride east…



Moab Heli X works in close partnership with some of Moab's best local tourism and service businesses to offer a range of helicopter-assisted experiences and adventures. Experience the world's best heli-hiking and heli-camping with industry professionals. Explore the far reaches of the back-country and reach otherwise unreachable sites for an unforgettable camping experience.

Ready for a helicopter tour or an expedition?


Moab Helicopter Tour

Moab Heli X - Why Choose Us

Moab Heli X offers Helicopter Tours for Individuals, groups, and families in Moab Utah. We are the only helicopter tour company in Moab with our own private waiting area, and private hanger. Our guides are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Moab. At Moab Heli-X, you are the most important part of our day, and we do everything we can to show it.

All of our helicopters are climate controlled so you can enjoy your flight in a nice air-conditioned cabin. Let’s face it – it can get pretty warm in the Southwest. Our private helicopter hanger allows us to keep your helicopter indoors and shaded prior to launch, which helps keep it cool, and helps keep you comfortable.

All of our pilots are knowledgeable about the attractions and enthusiastic about introducing you to the best Moab has to offer.

We keep our customers informed. We will explain everything about your Moab Helicopter Tour. We will show you how to approach the helicopter and how to exit the aircraft upon return. Every tour includes a full safety brief prior to entering the aircraft and prior to take off (the FAA requires this of all Helicopter Tour Companies).

We always answer our customers’ questions. Never hesitate to ask a question. Our courteous staff wants you to feel secure, knowledgeable, and comfortable prior to, and during your helicopter tour so you can thoroughly enjoy your flight.

Your safety is priority #1 for us. You will receive a full safety briefing, but if at any time you do not feel safe, or have any questions about your helicopter tour whatsoever, please never hesitate to ask your pilot. At Moab Heli X, safety is job one!

Our private waiting area allows you the chance to relax and enjoy yourself as we are preparing for your helicopter tour (as opposed to being in a common area of a larger airport facility).

Your comfort, safety, and enjoyment are paramount to us. Nothing is more important. We keep our facilities spotlessly clean (including the bathrooms) for you. We know that cleanliness inspires confidence, but more than that, it is part of who we are. You know with certainty that if you take a Moab Helicopter Tour with Moab Heli X, everything will be clean.

Still have questions? Refer to our FAQ section where you will find answers to many of your frequently asked questions about Helicopter Tours in Moab with Moab Heli
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