Moab Helicopter Tours 2022

The weather is warming up and if you are thinking about things to do in Moab, why not take a helicopter tour?

Our helicopter tours include sights like Poison Spider, Island in The Sky, Canyonlands, Bear Ears National Monument Area, Glenn Canyon, and more!


But There Is So Much More You Can Do

We offer Helicopter Hiking, Helicopter Camping, and personalized expeditions to just about anywhere you can think of but aren’t sure how you would ever get to on foot.

Ever thought about Helicopter Mountain Biking? What about Helicopter White Water Rafting or Kayaking?

You see, when you use a helicopter to get to your destination, the destinations you can get to open up in ways you’ve never imagined. You don’t have to stick to the beaten path. We can drop you anywhere we can land a helicopter, and you’d be surprised the places we can put a helicopter down.

Your limits only end with your imagination and places we can land a helicopter.

The facts are, if you travel on foot to every destination, you become limited just by the time it takes to get there. But with a helicopter, you can reach multiple excellent destinations in one day or over a few days. Plus, you can experience destinations that many people would not be able to reach on foot. When you have a helicopter, what you can do, see, and experience opens up in ways you might not have ever considered.

So, whether you want to experience canyoneering, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, or camping in the backcountry, we have a helicopter standing by ready to help make your dream a reality.

Are you not sure what you want to do and need help planning a custom trip? Please contact us. We know the area around Moab and can come up with some excellent suggestions for you. Plus, we know local guides and outfitters who can help arrange every part of your trip.

Let your imagination wander, and then, let us take you wherever your imagination wants to go.

Moab Heli-X offers helicopter tours in Moab, Utah. Please contact us today to book scheduled Moab Helicopter Tours 2022, or to start discussing your expedition!

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