Heli Canyoneering

Heli Canyoneering to the Irish Canyons!

The Irish Canyons are often beginner canyoneer’s first adventure in the North Wash area. Approximately 33 miles south of Hanksville in the North Wash driving will take over a two hour drive from Moab, we expedite this adventure with a half hour scenic flight to Hanksville where you will join up with your guides for an incredible day of canyoneering.

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Helicopter Autorotation

Autorotation is a state of flight in which the main rotor system of a helicopter or other rotary-wing aircraft turns by the action of air moving up through the rotor, as with an autogyro, rather than engine power driving the rotor.

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Helicopter Tour Near Arches National Park

Fly near Arches National Park and get a different perspective of the amazing landscape.

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Moab Helicopter Tour 2022

Moab Helicopter Tours 2022

The weather is warming up and if you are thinking about things to do in Moab, why not take a helicopter tour? Our helicopter tours include sights like Poison Spider, Island in The Sky, Canyonlands, Bear Ears National Monument Area, Glenn Canyon, and more!

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Taking Photos From A Helicopter – Tips and Tricks

Are you a professional photographer who needs aerial photos in Moab or near Moab? Talk to us about chartering a helicopter for professional photography in Moab. We know the area and our pilots are highly skilled. Talk to us today about chartering a helicopter to take photos for magazines, newspapers, businesses, weddings, and more. We will help you get on top of the shot you are looking for!

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